NB Club

is the world's first blockchain-based high luxury nightclub, where membership is purchased in the form of a Non-Fungible-Token(NFT).

Join us now and experience the future of nightlife.

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What is NB Club?

As an NFT-holder, you gain exclusive access to our nightclub and a range of unique events and social experiences.


-> Lifetime Free Access to the Club


-> Includes Standard
-> One more person can join
->First drink free for you and your friend
-> Premium Lounge Access


-> Includes everything from Premium
-> VIP Access
-> VIP Services
-> Roof Top Access
-> Club Transfer to the Club location

Our Possible Nightclub Locations

We are focused on Munich and Frankfurt

Why Munich and Frankfurt?

Both cities are very exclusive however these bars/nightclubs no longer offer the exclusivity the cities deserve.

The Clubs in these cities are very outdated, the music quality is very poor, the bass is too overdriven and the live shows are just playback.

Our target is to party with good quality and strong events that are not just neons or only bring happy hour with them!

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NB Club Roadmap



30% Sales

Search for the perfect Party Location

60% Sales

Finalise the Interior of the Location

100% Sales

The Day when you experience the future of nightlife
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